Career Consulting

You might be at the state of knowing what you desire but can’t still figure out.

Introductory Pathways [Free]

Introductory Pathways provides a free glimpse into what Kinobi has to offer.

At Kinobi, we believe in democratIising career acceleration. We know every young person has it in them to pursue their most ambitious careers & their most ambitious dreams.

We have hence made our Introductory Pathways free and available for all. In these pathways, we’d like to give everyone a sneak peek into the most selective industries there is out there:

  • • Investment Banking
  • • Management Consulting
  • • Technology Sales
  • • Private Banking
  • • Venture Capital

In this Introductory Pathway series, you will gain insights on:

  • • Brief overview of each pathways & the career opportunities that entails
  • • Day in a life of a professional in these industries
  • • Quick tips on how to build your own route towards these pathways
  • • We hope you like what you see. If you'd like to take your dream career to the next level, check out our Kinobi Membership packages.