About Us

Majority of students feel unsure about their abilities and not knowing which jobs are available on the market. Moreover, the increasing competition in the professional world requires college graduates to have more skills than those taught in university. As college students finish their studies, pursuing their career will be their next step.

UI Women in Business focuses on career development and opportunities by holding a Virtual Career Expo. This activity will invite several companies and agencies to become sponsors and partnerships to facilitate graduates and students in finding internships, training, and job offers.

Our Purpose

  • Assist graduates and students in preparing themselves to enter the world of work
  • Providing information on various job vacancies offered by institutions, universities, and companies
  • Organizing a place for interaction between the academic and business world
  • Allow the business world to introduce the company as prospective work field in the future
  • Provides convenience to companies in recruiting workers through an online system.

WCE 2022 Committee Structure


Jane Nababan

Hanni Hafsari

Project Manager

Adelia Hana

Kezia Lumongga

Director of Company Partnership

Geubrina Rizki

Director of Community Relations

Keishandra Nabila

Director of Programme

Hana Nisrina

Director of Marketing

Marsha Huwaida

Director of Operations

Nareswari Alysha